Individual offers based on your requirements.

We adapt our highly flexible services to meet your requirements. Depending on how much support you need in the areas of logistics, sales, customer support or dispatch, we have developed various modules that can be tailored to your particular circumstances. We can thus provide individual modules or a complete solution for you as required.



________Logistics & product refinement

We support manufacturers and trading companies in the field of logistics from warehousing, order picking, order acceptance, packaging and dispatch right through to the professional handling of drop shipping.

Our two locations are close to the airport and motorway with approx. 26,500 m² of usable space, 15 ramps, around 150 highly motivated logistics employees and state-of-the-art technology that guarantees fast processing and on-time delivery to B2B or B2C customers.

We offer the following solutions in the area of product refinement:
  • Cellophane wrapping of goods
  • Adding prices, labels and stickers to goods
  • Bundling
  • Securing/exchange of goods
  • Enclosing exclusive add-on products
  • Repackaging



________Special sales promotion

We perfectly stage one-off campaigns for in-store sales areas of our retail partners.

Would you like to present special in-store product highlights without the need for staff despite having a lack of shelf capacity? Or would you like to see eye-catching presentations of general product topics at the POS on a long-term basis? We can plan and implement the sales promotion for you in both cases.

This module includes the following services:
  • Preparation of detailed offers
    (including stocking/equipping, display layout and advertising proposal)
  • Provision of goods, display concept and display production
  • Packaging of goods and stocking of displays
  • Delivery to a central warehouse or to individual outlets
  • Returns processing



________On-site service

To ensure the best possible product presentation, our regionwide sales force in Germany, Austria and Switzerland supports our current and future trading partners if they have any staff bottlenecks in their sales areas. Our extensive service at the POS may, of course, be used on a long-term basis.

Advantages at a glance:
  • Presence in up to 1,600 markets
  • 150 long-standing, qualified sales representatives
  • Planning according to requirements
  • Fixed route schedules adapted to department size
  • Shelf and sales promotion area maintenance
  • Set-up and dismantling of pop-up campaigns, displays,
    special placements, POS marketing activities
  • Relabelling of prices
  • Analysis and reporting of defined business performance ratios
  • Returns processing




We assist both manufacturers and trading companies in creating a holistic customer experience. By connecting our merchandise management system incl. our content database to the established online shops of our trading partners or by implementing and maintaining your own online shop, we can expand your distribution strategy to include e-commerce.

We offer the following service potential:
  • Flexible adaptation to specific requirements of retailers, wholesalers or manufacturers
  • Development of new target groups and new customers
  • Handling of category management
  • Automated content maintenance
  • Traffic maximisation through online marketing
  • Dispatch of goods as requested
    (on behalf of our trading partners, B2B by central warehouse, B2C by drop shipping, etc.)
  • Preparation of various analyses and reports




We offer our expertise to manufacturers who wish to optimise, restructure or completely outsource their distribution strategy. Thanks to our strong network with renowned trading companies, we design, implement and evaluate the optimal mix of your distribution channels.

This specifically entails:
  • Provision of a sales team that meets your needs
  • Selection of suitable trading companies
  • Comprehensive support and implementation of your strategy
  • Product presentation, maintenance and sale in the agreed distribution channels,
    (e.g. POS, e-commerce, trade fairs, events)
  • Guaranteed product focus
  • Complete handling of all staffing matters involving the sales team
  • Analysis and reporting of defined business performance ratios




Our core business is a service portfolio that covers the complete sales line and offers advantages for our partners both in trade and industry.

This includes the following services:
  • Goods purchasing, range composition and subsequent supply of goods
  • Creation and implementation of measures in the area of trade marketing
  • Assumption of all logistics services (cf. Module 1)
  • Realisation of pop-up campaigns on sales areas (cf. Module 2)
  • Sales services at the POS (see Module 3)
  • E-commerce services (cf. Module 4)
  • Range maintenance incl. returns processing
  • Generation of various analyses and reports